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Wiltshire Car Hire

Wiltshire Car Hire

About Wiltshire

Located at the western portion of England is a large county with mostly rural scenery called Wiltshire. The county features vast areas of rolling land with grazing farmland and grounds of chalk downland. For tourists and visitors, Wiltshire is significant as an attraction for having the very important Neolithic monuments, including the stone circles of Avebury and of course the Stonehenge, as well as the settlement of Old Sarum. The village of Avebury encloses a medieval village and other exciting megalithic landscapes. Another place of interest in Wiltshire is Salisbury Plain, which is a large span of land used by the British Army as training grounds.

Wiltshire consists of several cities, towns, and villages, including the county administrative centre Trowbridge, Salisbury with its splendid cathedral, and Westbury, which is famous for the hillside white horses. Other interesting villages in the county include Box, which features the famous Box Railway tunnel; Bratton with the Iron Age hill fort; the 13th century village of Lacock; and Castle Combe, among others.

This notable county acts like a time machine that brings you back to the different eras of history – from prehistoric, Mesolithic, Neolithic, the Bronze Age, and medieval periods. Wiltshire has preserved its timeless charm far beyond centuries, making it a place that is definitely worth not missing.

Must Visit:

Stonghenge – The iconic ancient monument built between the Neolithic era in about 2,500 BC until its completion in the Bronze Age.

Westbury White Horse – Also known as the Bratton White Horse, the hill figure of a horse is found at the edge of Bratton Downs. It is the oldest one among the several carved white horses in Wiltshire, about 180 feet tall and 170 feet wide.


Closest Airport: Bristol Airport – 52.0 Miles

Closest City Centre: Bristol – 45.0 Miles

Closest must see location outside Wiltshire: Museum of the Great Western Railway – 32.8 Miles