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About Normandy

Normandy is a civil parish located in the borough of Guildford in Surrey. The surrounding area of this civil parish are mostly hill ranges and it straddles the A323 Aldershot Road. Normandy is subdivided into 5 localities: Flexford, Christmas Pie, Wyke, Pinewoods and Willey Green. Within the parish, you can find many footpaths, bridleways and some small roads that are good for walking, cycling and horse riding. Some people may think that this civil parish is named after the French town, however that was proven to be untrue. The name is actually a corruption of “No Man’s Land” because it lies on the boundaries of Cleygate and Wyke.

Normandy offers plenty of places to keep the residents and visitors entertained. One of which is the Session Music, a music and lighting shop that specializes in karaoke. It is located in Guildford Road and is known as one of the largest music entertainment centres within the village. It has everything you need for a relaxing and fun evening such as great audio equipment, karaoke machines and a variety of dance mix discs.

You may also want to visit the Normandy Garage, or more commonly known as Normandy Motorcycles. Satisfy your fascination for bikes and motorcycles by visiting this place. You can have your bike fixed or you can buy your dream bike from there and ride it going back home.

Session Music - One of Normandy’s largest music entertainment centres that specializes in karaoke.

Normandy Motorcycles - Famous bike and motorcycle shop in Normandy where you can fix your bike or buy a new one.

Closest Airport: London Heathrow – 17.5 Miles

Closest City Centre: London – 35.9 Miles

Closest must see location outside of Normandy: Aldershot Military Museum – 4 miles