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Haslemere Car Hire

About Haslemere

Haslemere is considered to be one of Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s gem. It is a place known for being an eccentric, yet charming and historic market town. The tile hung houses and cottages, different restaurants, shops and cafés in this town offer a fascinating and vibrant atmosphere, making it a perfect place for vacation and exploring the countryside.

Whether you’re visiting Haslemere for the weekend or you’re planning to stay longer, you should never miss going to the Haslemere Educational Museum. It was founded way back in 1888, and is home to a wonderful collection that feature archaeology and social history. In there you would find different artefacts that entail ancient civilisations such as the famous Egyptian Mummy. Aside from those, the museum also showcases a collection of specimens from the plant and animal kingdom, as well as fossils.

If you’re up for a cultural experience, you can go visit the Haslemere Hall. It stages a wide variety of events from films, musicals, live gigs, opera productions, plays to ballet. The Haslemere Hall is a great venue for local entertainment, and the best part is that it sells tickets at a considerably smaller charge than most of the other venues.

Haslemere is an amazing place for relaxation, taking a walk or driving around your car while experiencing the diversity of the countryside. Treat yourself and your family to a day out of fresh air and a picturesque scenery around this beautiful town.

Haslemere Educational Museum - A great place to observe natural history collections with host talks from local and national folks and an observation beehive

Haslemere Hall - Experience local entertainment such as musicals, films, live gigs, plays, etc. at a very affordable price

Closest Airport: London Gatwick – 22.9 Miles

Closest City Centre: London – 45.2 Miles

Closest must see location outside of Haslemere: Hollycombe – 3 miles