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South Yorkshire Car Hire

South Yorkshire Car Hire

About South Yorkshire

With more than a million inhabitants, South Yorkshire is composed of four boroughs namely: Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster. It surrounds the cities of Derbyshire, North and West Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. It was founded in 1974 through the Local Government Act of 1972. Although it has only been established in 1974, earliest records state that as early as 8000 BC, there have already been inhabitants in the ancient South Yorkshire, where a Mesolithic hut was discovered. There have been rock art discovered in the surrounding areas that archaeologists date back to more than 12,000 years ago.

Steel manufacturing and mining are the main industries of the people of South Yorkshire. They live on these industries, with coal mining as the primary mining source of the county. Iron is also found at the bottom of the sea, which miners also take advantage of. Sheffield is the centre of the steel industry. The close proximity of the two industries makes it easy for steel manufacturers to make steel.

South Yorkshire also has a diverse religion. Baptist and Methodist churches as well as other religious denominations dot the area, and they each have their own loyal following. Spiritualism is considered a religion in South Yorkshire.

Must Visit:

Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre – You can reconnect with nature when you visit this famous tourist attraction out in Sheffield. You can interact with flacons and be amazed at their magnificence.

Magna Science Adventure Centre – Be amazed at the wonders of science. This place is not only for kids, but for adults who love to discover new things about science as well. It has a lot of exhibitions that you can look at and try.


Closest Airport: Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport – 21 Miles

Closest City Centre: Sheffield – 13.5 Miles

Closest Must-See Location Outside South Yorkshire: Derbyshire – 34.2 Miles