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Shropshire Car Hire

Shropshire Car Hire

About Shropshire

Known for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Shropshire is often hailed as the geographical capital of the United Kingdom. Rich with landforms like The Wrekin and various rock types, Shropshire was an important location for early industrialization. The Ironbridge Gorge, originally called Severn Gorge, held the country's abundant raw materials, and the vast rivers near the gorge allowed trade and transportation during the 18th century. A county found in the West Midland of England, Shropshire holds 22 towns with Telford, the largest town in the county, and Shrewsbury, the historical market town of Shropshire, considered as the two major towns. Being one of the least well-known, Shropshire is preciously embedded with steep history and culture.

Popular tourist areas often visited in Shropshire include the famous county town of Shrewsbury, said to be county's market centre. This town also holds the county's public transportation hub and the roads and rails linked to the rest of the county, with the A5 and A49 trunk roads crossing near the town and five railway lines. Located 28 miles south of Shrewsbury through the A49, Ludlow, another town for its medieval walls and high-towered castles, is described by the famous writer Sir John Betjeman as 'the most beautiful town in England'. Between Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth along the A458 is Much Wenlock, the birthplace of International Olympic Movement. Although rivers and canals are found in Shropshire, the M54 connects this county to the rest of the West Midland.

Must Visit:

The Iron Bridge and Tollhouse – The world's first iron bridge that cradled the Industrial Revolution, Iron Bridge is rich in history and is one of the most famous tourist spots of the county. Preserved with walkways and picturesque sights, Iron Bridge has shops, markets and a museum full of historic accounts and stories.

Battlefield Falconry Centre – A centre built for immersive interactions with different birds. In the centre, tourists can take an opportunity to fly the birds and walk with them, called the famous Hawk Walk.


Closest Airport: Birmingham International Airport – 33.3 Miles

Closest City Centre: Wolverhampton – 27.5 Miles

Closest must see location outside Shropshire: Wolverhampton Grand Theatre – 38.7 Miles