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Car Hire Northumberland

Northumberland Car Hire

About Northumberland

Northumberland is England's northernmost county, with its county town located in Alnwick. The county is sparsely populated, with only about 316,300 residents as of 2014. With its total area of 1,936 square miles, there's just an average of 160 people living in each square mile.

Northumberland is great for day trips, with its parks, gardens and a myriad other things to see and do. It has a violent history because of its location in the Anglo-Saxon border, but that left a fine legacy, since Northumberland has the largest collection of medieval castles among all of England's counties. Many of these castles could be found in Warkworth, Newcastle, Dunstanburgh, Bamburg and Alnwick. If you're in Hexham, it is one of the places where you can see a beautiful portion of the famous Hadrian's Wall.

With part of the country bordering the North Sea, it could be quite an adventure to see the Farne Islands, within easy reach via a short boat ride. The islands have a great seabird colony, comprising about 23 species. Finding some of the 37,000 pairs of puffin in the islands could be quite exciting. They also have a large colony of grey seals.

Must Visit:

Cragside House in Rothbury – It is one of the destinations you should not miss if you have limited time to explore. The previous home of Lord Armstrong has some of the most beautiful gardens and grounds in England, with magnificent and very tall trees, streams, lakes and miles of footpaths. Driving up the scenic, winding road to Cragside House seems like you're in Switzerland, with a constant change of scenery at every turn.

Alnwich Garden – It s considered as UK's finest contemporary garden, with plenty of attractions for you to explore. The highlight of a visit is in seeing the Grand Cascade and its fantastic water displays from 38 water fountains. The garden has a wooden tree house that is one of the world's largest and offers hands-on workshops and creative tours and performances. A restaurant serves delicious local food.


Closest Airport: Newcastle International Airport – 26.9 Miles

Closest City Centre: From Northumbria University to Newcastle Marriot Hotel – 6.8 Miles

Closest Must-See location outside Northumberland: Durham University Botanic Garden – 50.3 Miles