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About Norfolk

Norfolk is an East England county that has close to 900,000 residents. It is a major holiday destination with an enormous supply of deluxe seaside resorts, beautiful beaches, flora and fauna, and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Norfolk also houses a number of theme parks and zoos, which provide a nice day tour getaway for young and adults alike.

A vacation in Norfolk could mean differently to every kind of tourist. For those who love the beach, admiring the beautiful coastlines of the North Sea is a treat on its own. For the nature lover, several national parks that houses unique species of animals and plants alike are available. There are wild bird reserves and sanctuaries located in national parks situated along the coast, particularly the Norfolk Coast AONB.

Other than soaking in the sun and having a grand time exploring the wealth of nature, there are many places of interests within Norfolk that are worth an adventure. They include Thrigby Hall, located near Great Yarmouth. It was built in 18th century and to this day is considered a haven for tigers, alligators, crocodiles, and primates. Britannia Pier is another important attraction, featuring nerve-wracking rides, including the ghost train. It also houses the popular Britannia Pier Theatre. For daredevil stunts, heading to Extreeme Adventure is a nice idea. This amazing location offers challenging high ropes courses that were built in some of the tallest trees that can be found in East England.

Norfolk is a great destination with many allures that will tickle all five senses. Once done seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching the beauties of the county, guests can head to North Norfolk to sample the best tasting regional cuisine, featuring, fish, shellfish, and organic produce.

Must Visit:

Thetford Forest – This huge woodland area features various outdoor activities including mountain biking, husky dog sled racing, walking, and sightseeing.

Amazonia – Part of Norfolk’s rich zoo culture, this attraction is set in a tropical jungle environment. The ambience is further enhanced by the wide variety of animal enclosures featuring lizards, snakes, tortoises, terrapins, and crocodiles.


Closest Airport: Norwich International Airport – 0.0 Miles

Closest City Centre: London – 109 Miles

Closest Must-See location outside Norfolk: Bury St Edmunds – 31.9 Miles