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About Middlesex

The county that almost got abolished by its neighbouring counties, Middlesex has a rich history that will forever strike the curious minds of local and foreign tourists alike. It is found in the south-eastern part of England, covering lands north of the River Thames stretching out 3mi to the east and 17mi west of the City of London. This almost forgotten county is one of the historical counties of England and it includes the City of London in its regime. Every 16th of May, the county celebrates its own very special day, marking remembrance to the battle in Albuhera where men of the Middlesex Regiment aided the British and Wellington against Napoleon's army. The battle cry of their commanding officer was, "Die hard my men, die hard".

Inspiring many forms of art such as Sharpe starring Sean Bean and many pop hits such as London Calling by The Clash and West End Girls by The Pet Shop Boys, Middlesex is home to many famous artists and other forms of art. In fact, one of the most well known Art Deco, the Hoover Building, is found in Perivale, Middlesex. The Hoover Building was built was Wallis, Gilbert and Partners for the Hoover Company.

Though the common man might say the Middlesex no longer exists and one who say otherwise only denies that Middlesex has been swallowed by the autonomy of Greater London. But only a few still appreciates the history that the City of London is part of Middlesex. When one traverses along Hendon Way or visits Child's Hill, one should know they are in Middlesex, the land of the Diehards. The county that the ordinary doesn't know it exists has brought progression in history of war and industrialization.

Must Visit:

Richmond Park – It is said to be one of the most amazing spaces found downtown of Greater London. Richmond Park is a great place to reminisce the beauty of the past combined with the aesthetics of the present.

Musical Museum – With their amazing staff and surprising performances, a trip to the musical museum lets you travel in the history of music. One of their highlights is the Wurlitzer, a performance to see.


Closest Airport to Greater London: London City Airport – 13.2 Miles

Closest City Centre: City of London – 0.0 Miles

Closest must see location outside Middlesex, UK: The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre – 39.5 Miles