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London Car Hire

London Car Hire

About London

London is a megalopolis, a global city, and the international capital of culture, education, art, fashion, trade, finance, politics, and many more. It is also known for being the principal workplace and residence of the United Kingdom’s monarchy, specifically in the Buckingham Palace in Westminster. This is where royal events and occasions are held, as well as the royal family’s hospitality.

Throughout its history, London has served as the seat of royal dynasties and later on the English and British governments. Having gone through countless events including disasters, plagues, invasion, and fires, among others, the city boasts of a rich heritage and colorful history. Furthermore, London is home to four World Heritage Sites and hundreds of magnificent views. Its population is a combination of a wide variety of peoples of different backgrounds, cultures, and races, making London truly a city of culture.

The city plays a vital role in global transportation for both travel and trade, as London is also home to the world’s largest airport system in terms of passenger traffic. Moreover, measured by international arrivals, London is considered to be the most visited city worldwide.

London has long been associated with theatre. Countless theatres, including where Shakespeare’s plays were staged, began to appear across the city as early as the 1500s. In addition, popular rock bands and many artists trace their roots to this beautiful city.

Must Visit:

Buckingham Palace – The official residence of the Queen in London. It is open to the public for tours only during the months of summer. However, even its outer spaces are a must-see.

The London Eye – It is the third largest observation wheel around the world, which gives tourists a magnificent view over London.


Closest Airport: London City Airport – 8.7 Miles

Closest City Centre: London – 0.0 Miles (outside London - Chiddingstone 25 miles)

Closest must see location outside London: Windsor – 24.5 Miles