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Car Hire Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Car Hire

About Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is the second largest county in England by area. Lincoln is its county town and also the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom. The county is bordered by 8 other counties, including Northampton, which is only 18 meters away from it. This is considered the shortest county distance in England. It boasts more than 80 miles of coast, extending from The Wash to the Humber. Blue Flag beaches are found in Lincolnshire, making it a perfect holiday destination.

Lincolnshire is blessed with a good agricultural area. In fact, it is UK’s biggest producer of wheat, potatoes, poultry and cereal. Tourism largely depends on the coastal area. Seaside resorts are major attractions. These are popular holiday sites because they offer other amenities such as shops, themed amusements, museum and a range of leisure activities. The town of Mablethorpe is well-visited for its golden sands.

Nature lovers have a wealth of destinations to visit in Lincolnshire. These include the nature reserves at Theddlethorpe, Saltfleetby and Gibraltar Point. Several market towns are also worth seeing for they are not just charming. They will let you get a glimpse of the history of Lincolnshire. Lincoln and other districts host several festivals year round, and the Waddington Air Show is worth seeing, for it is the largest air show in the country.

Must Visit:

Lincoln Castle – It is one of the landmarks of Lincolnshire. Built in the 11th century, this Normann castle keeps the remaining copies of Magna Carta.

Lincoln Cathedral – The cathedral is one of the best Gothic buildings in Europe and was once the tallest building in the world.


Closest Airport: Robin Hood Airport – 25.4 Miles

Closest City Centre: Lincoln – 25.4 Miles

Closest Must-See location outside Lincolnshire: Althorp House – 70 Miles