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Skelmersdale town, or Skem, is located in West Lancashire, North West region of England. The development of the town was almost at the same as the Industrial Revolution. The town has been an important coal camp from the early 19th century. It accommodates both forestry and housing estates. Skem is found on a valley where River Tawd runs through.

In 1961, Skelmersdale was named a New Town. It has a strong association with Liverpool because numerous residents of the city moved to Skelmersdale. In the last years of the 20th century, the town has its economic difficulties, leading to high crime rate in the '70s. However in 2012, the county of West Lancashire envisioned Skem to be a thriving town centre. Construction of new establishments such as shops and restaurants were proposed.

Today, the town centre houses The Conny, a shopping centre, as well as other smaller shopping areas. The base of Matalan, a clothing store is located in Skem. Much of its economic growth is credited to the housing industry, but other industries also thrive in the town. It is home to Skelmersdale United, its football town, and the Bowmen of Skelmersdale, an archery club. The Dean Wood Golf Club is well-visited parkland boasts an 18-hole course.

Beacon Country Park – The vast 300-meter countryside offers golf and specialty shops, exhibitions, walking tours, arts and craft fair, and more. Visit the park to play a round of golf or simply appreciate the beauty of nature.

Nye Bevan Pool – The Nye Bevan Pool is the place to be if you want to enjoy a handful of water activities. It offers activities for all ages and interests. It can also be a venue for parties.

Closest Airport: Liverpool John Lennon Airport – 20 Miles

Closest City Centre: Liverpool – 16.8 Miles

Closest must see location outside of Skelmersdale:The Beatles – 16. 1 Miles