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Car Hire Morecambe

Car Hire Morecambe

Car Hire Morecambe

Morecambe is a beautiful town along the spectacular Morecambe Bay in Lancashire, England. Whether it’s kite-flying, building sandcastles, having a picnic or just simply walking along the beach, Morecambe is a nice place to enjoy the many pleasures and beauty of the seaside. Recent efforts in tourism have been made in order for Morecambe to become a centre for bird watchers which is one of the many things to look out for in this admirable town.

The Eric Morecambe Statue is one of the most famous landmarks of Morecambe. It is a statue created by Graham Ibbenson, an English sculptor, in commemoration of comedian Eric Morecambe. Your visit to Morecambe will never be complete without getting the chance to see and have a picture taken with Eric. The Morecambe Bay and the Lake District Hills make for a very interesting backdrop which is one of the reasons why a lot of people have to patiently wait in line to have their picture taken alongside the life-sized statue of the famous comedian.

As part of Morecambe’s tourism initiative, the Tern Project has been created to enhance the resort’s heritage linked to the town’s diverse wildlife and Morecambe Bay’s rich and expansive natural landscape. The Tern Project showcases a breathtaking series of bird sculptures sitting proudly along Morecambe’s seafront and promenade. To add more fun to your visit, behind the Midland Hotel lies a huge compass where you can solve wordy puzzles in order to unlock a strange mythical bird.

This beautiful town also features an award-winning promenade where you can shop or stroll. Many other family-friendly attractions await you at Morecambe which complement to its peaceful atmosphere. If you are looking for a nice place to walk, relax and have fun all at the same time, Morecambe is where you should be.

The Eric Morecambe Statue – Created by Graham Ibbenson as a tribute to one of the town’s most famous sons, Eric Morecambe.

The Tern Project – A stunning showcase of splendid bird sculptures that aims to enhance the resort’s heritage which is linked to Morecambe’s diverse wildlife and vast natural landscape.

Closest Airport: Blackpool International Airport – 41 miles

Closest City Centre: Preston – 28.4 miles

Closest must see location outside of Morecambe: Lancaster Castle – 3 miles