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Car Hire Lancaster

Car Hire Lancaster

Car Hire Lancaster

Lancaster, the county town of Lancashire, England, is a beautiful town with an interesting history to tell. It holds some unique association with the British monarchy. One of them is the House of Lancaster, major part of the English royal family; the other one is the Duchy of Lancaster which holds large estates on behalf of the Duke of Lancaster, who is none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself. Lancaster was granted city status because of its association with the crown.

A visit to Lancaster will take you to different places of interest. The Lancaster’s Castle, for example, is one of the most interesting places to visit in this county town. It is a medieval castle which holds the key to uncovering some of the city’s ancient stories. It is owned by the Duke of Lancaster, Her Majesty the Queen. The Lancaster Castle first served as a prison until its closure in March 2011. In the present, a variety of programs and events are being held in the castle all-year-round. Those events include theatre, music and history tours. The castle also holds a café in the courtyard that serves the tourists every day.

Lancaster is also home to Williamson Park, a vibrant parkland which holds the venue for many of the town’s festival. The Ashton Memorial located in the park offers picturesque views to the Flyde Coast and the Lake District. The best time to visit the Williamson Park is during July and August each year when the famous Duke’s Theatre outdoor performance is held. The play is held in the park each evening while utilizing the natural scenery as the stage. It gets exciting as it requires the audience to follow the performers from scene to scene.

Evenings in Lancaster give off a unique cultural vibe. As one of England’s heritage cities, this county town combines its notable past with the present to give you an unforgettable holiday or weekend getaway.

Lancaster’s Castle – A historical medieval castle which is now a famous tourist attraction showcasing a variety of programs throughout the year.

Williamson Park – Home to the Ashton Memorial which gives way to a breathtaking scenery of the Flyde Coast and the Lake District.

Closest Airport: Blackpool International Airport – 21 miles

Closest City Centre: Preston – 21.5 miles

Closest must see location outside of Lancaster: Happy Mount Park – 3 miles