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Car Hire Kensington

Car Hire Kensington

Car Hire Kensington

Kensington is an area in Liverpool. It is popularly known as Kenny and is immediately located in the east of Liverpool. It has mostly Victorian houses, with local shops including convenience stores, supermarkets and pubs. It is home to Deane Road Jewish Cemetery, a historic site. Kenny is also a popular student ghetto because of its proximity to universities.

You will find some streets in Kensington named after the members of The Beatles like John Lennon Drive and George Harrison Close. The area also boasts historic sites such as Newsham Park. Since 2000, efforts to improve Kenny have been made. Old houses have been redeveloped, street monitors have been put in place and Internet connections were set up.

To visitors, Kensington is a smart suburb filled with stuccoed houses, gardens and squares. Shopping is vibrant in the town as it is home to large and elegant stores. A renowned building here is where Queen Victoria was born, the Royal Kensington Palace. It is also where the Royal Albert Hall is located; this is where the prestigious BBC Proms happens. A number of museums are all worth visiting in Kensington, particularly along Exhibition Road. Kensington High Street is for avid shoppers, while Portobello is for those looking for extraordinary finds for it is filled with antique stalls waiting to be visited.

Victoria and Albert Museum – This national museum virtually covers all styles, periods and countries in its 7-mile galleries. It features several categories, including Dress Collections and water exhibits.

Kensington Palace and Gardens – The grand palace highlights significant items of historic significance, like a dollhouse owned by Queen Victoria and dresses worn by Princess Diana.

Closest Airport: Liverpool John Lennon Airport – 8 Miles