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Car Hire Blackburn

Car Hire Blackburn

Car Hire Blackburn

Blackburn is a large and vibrant town located in Lancashire, England. It is often associated with Darwen because of its unitary authority with the latter. Blackburn is a borough that is rich in culture and entertainment, with hundreds of exciting and family-friendly places to choose from. The options range from nightlife, shopping, food and drinks, sports, and outdoor events and festivities. This beautiful town also holds two town centres that boast a multi-million pound investment.

Situated in the centre of Blackburn is King George’s Hall which is considered as one of the town’s premier live entertainment facilities. Two architecture firms, Messrs. Briggs & Wolstenholme and Messrs. Stones & Stones, were responsible for the pre-war lower portion and post-war section, respectively. The pre- and post-war horizontal division is clearly visible on its exterior which gives the hall a more distinctive look. If you are looking for a night of comedy, music, dance and a variety of performances from top class performers, King George’s Hall got it all for you.

Blackburn is also a town that is blessed with a beautiful outdoor scenery. With its lively landscape, ancient woodlands, serene reservoirs and rugged moorland, it is always a great day for any outdoor activity. It’s no wonder that a lot of parks were built around the town and one of Blackburn’s most visited parks is the Victorian Corporation Park. Aside from a stunning scenery, the Corporation Park also offers an outdoor tennis court facility, bowling greens and a playground for children. Over the years, the park has been successful in preserving its heritage and it received the Green Flag national recognition for being able to maintain a welcoming and good standing.

If you are visiting Blackburn, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. Whether you’re looking for a luxury or budget hotel, there is always something close by to cater your needs.

King George’s Hall – One of Blackburn’s finest entertainment complexes which is well-known for holding famous events and exciting programmes by top class performers

Victorian Corporation Park – Offers a relaxing scenery while you enjoy their outdoor facilities such as the tennis court and three well-used bowling greens.

Closest Airport: Blackpool International Airport – 23 miles

Closest City Centre: Preston – 9 miles

Closest must see location outside of Blackburn: Oswaldtwistle Mills – 3 miles