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Lancashire Car Hire

Lancashire Car Hire

About Lancashire

Lancashire, located in the northwestern corner of England, is a county often associated with its rich history focused on the Industrial Revolution. It is also called the Red Rose county, a quaint place that is wrongly imagined as heavily industrial and built up because of its history. Liverpool and Manchester used to be located within the bounds of Lancashire until the government changed the regional boundaries. Yet, these major cities still draw the attention of tourists to the fine countryside that is the Lancashire.

During the Industrial Revolution, several hundreds of towns were built across the area to boost the textile industry. Thus, Lancashire emerged as a major industrial and commercial region. Up to now, towns found in the inland remain intact, displaying the heritage of the industry. This does not mean though that Lancashire is mostly antiquated. Its coastal towns have developed to accommodate tourists and travelers alike, having holiday resorts and rest houses scattered across the coast.

Lancashire boasts of picturesque rural areas, mostly ideal for walking and sightseeing. These places can easily be reached by motorways, with the M6 running through the country and other roads branching from there. A slower, yet more charming way to travel in Lancashire is by taking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Tourists can also take their bicycles to go around the beautiful county.

Must Visit:

Blackpool – It is the top holiday resort of Britain with over 12 million people visiting annually. It features many attractions, such as piers, arcades, promenades, and beaches.

The Forest of Bowland – A beautiful natural landscape that has been untouched since the late medieval period. It is also called as the “hidden gem” of Lancashire, and is said to have served as Tolkien’s inspiration to envision Middle Earth in “The Hobbit.”

Distance From Other Locations

Closest Airport: Warton Airport – 19 miles

Closest City Centre: Preston – 25.5 miles

Closest must see location outside Lancashire: Manchester – 15 miles