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Hampshire Car Hire

Hampshire Car Hire

About Hampshire

Hampshire, found on England’s southern coast, is archaically known as the County of Southampton, the largest county of England. The county town of Hampshire, Winchester, has also served as the country’s former capital city, as well as the capital of the Saxon Kingdom of Wessex. Moreover, it is the United Kingdom’s most populous ceremonial county with nearly half of the county residing within South Hampshire.

This county is proud of its illustrious history and its intimate association with the sea and Britain’s Empire. Such can be observed with how the rich heritage is manifested in the medieval tones of the Great Hall and the Cathedral. Numerous Roman monuments also remain in Hampshire, with intricate floor mosaics in the Roman Villa and the Portchester Castle that boasts to be the most intact fortress. Hampshire’s beauty even inspired popular literary icon Jane Austen who spent most of her life in her county home in Chawton village, as well as Charles Dickens to whom a museum in Hampshire is dedicated.

An important city in Hampshire is the island city of Portsmouth, nicknamed “Pompey”. Its historic docks played an important role in British History, specifically for the Royal Navy. Here we can find the highly valuable collection of historic warships and artifacts worldwide, including intact and full ships, such as the HMS Victory. This important vessel was Lord Nelson’s flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Must Visit:

The New Forest – A National Park and major tourist area extremely popular with British campers and nature lovers. Though it is neither new nor a forest in the common understanding of the words, it is actually a patchwork of natural areas mixed with lush enclosures.

Winchester Cathedral – One of England’s largest cathedrals with the greatest overall length of any European cathedrals.


Closest Airport: Southampton Airport – 11.38 Miles

Closest City Centre: Winchester – 8.9 Miles

Closest must see location outside Hampshire: London – 64.1 Miles