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Durham Car Hire

Durham Car Hire

About Durham

Durham is considered a city with a rich historic past. It is situated in North East England and is near the River Wear. Durham has a castle and Norman cathedral, which were declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in the late 1980s. Durham University is located in the castle. It has been its home since the 19th century. It has adopted several names before it officially became Durham. Dun Holm was the first name, gotten from Nordic origins before it was substituted to Duresme and then later to its Latin version, Dunelm.

The city of Durham was established as early as 995 AD. Saints Cuthbert and Bede are said to be buried in Durham, and Saint Cuthbert intervened in the founding of the city. It was said that the saint’s bier refused to move when the caravan stopped in the city, where they were looking for the original Dun Holm. Since they could not move the saint’s bier from that spot, they saw it as a sign that they should settle where they were, and they called the place Dun Holm, which was later changed into the modern day Durham. It was also during this time when Saint Cuthbert’s followers erected the Cathedral of Durham.

Must Visit:

Durham Museum and Heritage Centre – Absorb the city’s history and culture by looking at the art collections and depictions of Durham from the ancient times to the present day. There is a model of ancient Durham where you can learn why the Castle of Durham was erected and why it is an important part of pilgrimage among religious people.

Durham University Botanic Garden – the garden boasts of a wide array of botanical species that are well-kept and taken care of. The Botanic Garden has 10 hectares of lush greens and diverse flora.


Closest Airport: Newcastle Airport – 26 Miles

Closest City Centre: Newcastle Upon Tyne – 18 Miles

Closest Must-See Location Outside Durham: Sunderland – 12 Miles