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Cornwall Car Hire

Cornwall Car Hire

About Cornwall

Cornwall is known to be a ceremonial country and unitary authority area of England within the United Kingdom. It is situated in the westernmost part of the south-west peninsula of Great Britain. The area is popular for their moorland landscapes, picturesque coastline, historical villages, and mild climate. This independent peninsula in the west takes their pride from the Cornwall’s coastline because of its magnificent and outstanding beauty.

Cornwall has a long history of mining. Tin mining was recognized as an important industry in the Cornish economy during the late Middle Ages until the 19th century. This industry ended when China clay extraction became popular. But aside from mining, Cornwall was also notable for fishing and agriculture. These industries proved to be the important sectors in the Cornwall economy. And with the development of railways and transportation also came the growth of tourism in the place. This was evident in the 20th century. Although the old industries of mining, fishing, and farming are all gone, Cornwall reinvented itself by exploring the natural beauty of their place and turned them into an inspiration to the tourists.

Aside from rich history that Cornwall has to offer, the place is popular today for its impressive view. Since the area is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, the coastal areas are blessed with beautiful beaches while the inland areas feature historical architecture and a long stretch of farmlands.

Must Visit:

Tintagel Castle – The castle is famous for being the birthplace of King Arthur. The castle was known to be the residence for Cornwall’s Celtic kings. Located in a stunning cliff top, the castle is now surrounded by the booming surf and wheeling gulls.

Kynance Cove – This place in the northern part of Cornwall is popular for its stunning offshore islands that rise from the blue seas. The cliff around the cove is studded with serpentine, a red-green rock popular with Victorian trinket-makers.


Closest Airport: Newquay Airport – 5 Miles

Closest City Centre: Truro- 9 Miles

Closest must see location outside Cornwall: 20 Miles