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Car Hire Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport Car Hire

About Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the third busiest in the UK, and the 22nd busiest in Europe. It is located in Ringway, Manchester, and its terminals are 8.6 miles southwest of the city centre. It has three passenger terminals. The biggest is Terminal 1, which is used by airlines with charter and scheduled operations to Europe and other international destinations. It is the base for Jet 2, EasyJet and Thomas Cook. Other airlines that use Terminal 1 include Emirates, Etihad, Brussels, Lufthansa and Swiss.

Terminal 2 is also used by various airlines for charter and scheduled flights to Europe and other destinations across the globe. Monarch, Virgin Atlantic and Thomson Airways use it as base. Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines are some of the other airlines that use Terminal 2. Terminal 3 handles most domestic routes and some scheduled flights to Europe. It is the base for Ryanair and Flybe, and is used by British Airways, Air France, KLM and Iberia Express. Around 95 airlines operate in Manchester Airport, flying to more than 190 destinations worldwide.

Manchester Airport is also home to the maintenance bases of Monarch and Thomas Cook Airlines. It also has a World Freight Terminal that serves cargo services. Currently, it boasts impressive facilities including shopping areas, restaurants, excellent lounges, airport hotels and even attractions open for the public. The Runway Visitor Park offers a wonderful viewpoint to watch planes as they take off while grabbing some food at the restaurant space.

Manchester Airport was formerly known as Ringway Airport and it formally opened on June 25, 1938. It is the biggest airport outside London and UK’s worldwide gateway from the north. It offers more Ireland and UK routes than any other airport in the UK or Ireland. You can find seven hotels and more than 120 shops and restaurants in the airport.