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Jersey Airport Car Hire

About Jersey Airport

Jersey Airport occupies majority of the parish of Saint Peter, the west central part of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Before 1937, only biplane airliners and seaplanes landing at Saint Aubin Bay were servicing Jersey. Before World War II, it was hard to keep people from waking all over the landing area, and aircrafts with mechanical problems had to be dragged up to slipways up till the tide subsided. On March 1937, Jersey Airport opened. It features four grass runways with centrelines of concrete. During the Second World War occupation by the Nazi air force, Luftwaffe, concrete taxiways and hangars were built. The tarmac runway opened in 1952 as the grass runways were closed. More taxiways were added a few years later to make the other end accessible. The original airport building was built on 1937 and contained massive amounts of asbestos. It was supposed to be demolished late 2011 but was voted as a protected historical building. On March 17, 2014, based on ground safety rules, it was decided that the old terminal building will finally be demolished.

Air services offered between Jersey and other destinations have a short stop at Guernsey. Charter flights to European holiday destinations are also available periodically. Atlantic Airlines and RVL Aviation operate cargo flights that carry paper services and daily mail. Aside from these scheduled services, the airport accommodates a booming general aviation population. Jersey International Air Display happens in the airport every September of each year. There are 1.5 million passengers and around 5,000 aircraft movements in the airport every year based on 2014 statistics.

In the 1950s, Jersey Airport already had a traffic control system in place. Traffic lights were used to keep vehicles from the road as planes are transported to or from the hangar.