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Car Hire Inverness Airport

Inverness Airport Car Hire

About Inverness Airport

Inverness Airport (INV) is an international airport located 8.1 miles northeast of Inverness City in Scotland. It is the main entry point to the northern part of the country, offering a range services throughout the UK and Continental Europe. In 2014, it has a reported 610,000 passengers. It was originally built as Royal Air Force station in 1940, and was used from 1940 to 1945 during the second World War. In 1947, civil operations began, initialized by British European Airways, flying to Heathrow in the late 1970s.

In 1980, Dan-Air took the Inverness-Heathrow route and added Manchester and London Gatwick. In 1984, it was included by the Civil Aviation Authority among the seven airports in Scotland up for sale. October 6, 1988 was a significant year for Inverness when new facilities were officially opened. Dan-Air was purchased by British Airways in 2009, taking over travel routes. In 2009, international flights opened in Dublin, New Jersey, Italy, Croatia and others.

Inverness Airport is operated by Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL). This is owned by the Scottish Ministers and operates 10 other airports. Currently, the airport offers four international destinations, namely Amsterdam, which is the busiest route, followed by Dublin, Jersey and Geneva. London Gatwick on the other hand is the busiest domestic route. Passengers can get to the airport by bus, through Stagecoach, which runs from the city centre to it.

Inverness Airport was ranked third among the top UK airport category by the Wanderlust Travel Awards. This is the highest rank received by a Scottish airport. Its terminal was a notable example of public-private partnership. HIAL, the operator, was criticized for a deal that allows construction of a new terminal. This deal obliged HIAL to pay £3.50 for every passenger flying to the PFI operator, but in 2006, the deal was canceled.