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Car Hire Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport Car Hire

About Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is a public airport located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It offers more than 140 destinations locally and internationally served by 40 airline companies. In 2014, it was the busiest in Scotland and the fifth busiest in the UK. The airport is found just 5.8 miles away from the city centre. It is owned by Global Infrastructure Partners, a private firm that also owns the London City Airport and Gatwick Airport.

The airport was operated by the Ministry of Defence from 1915 to 1960. Afterwards, commercial flights were launched. In 1952, the runway was extended to 6,000 feet to accommodate Vampire FB5 aircrafts and in 1956, commercial service was improved following the construction of a new passenger terminal. In order to continue to improve commercial services, ownership was transferred to the Ministry of Aviation in 1960 and to the British Airports Authority in 1971. Expansion was started and a new terminal building and runway were constructed. The current terminal building was built in 1977 and has received continuous development. Major work in the main runway began in 2008, costing to £16 million.

Edinburgh Airport has a two-storey passenger terminal facility. The ground level houses 47 check-in areas, driveway area, the domestic and international arrival areas, service counters and several shops. The second level is where the departure gates can be found, together with the security control, waiting area and some shops. It offers passenger and cargo flights, serving around 10.2 million passengers a year.

The busiest domestic route in Edinburgh Airport is London-Heathrow while the busiest international route is bound to Amsterdam. Its farthest destination is Newark. It is easily accessible by road, from Glasgow by M8, from Perth by M90 and from Stirling by M9. Lothian Buses can also take passengers to the airport from the city centre. However, there is no direct rail link to it but it is served Edinburg Trams.