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Car Hire Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport Car Hire

About Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is an international airport that serves the city of Birmingham. It is located east southeast of the city centre. It is also the base of several airlines including Flybe, Thomas Cook Airlines, Ryanair and Thomson Airways. The airport caters to various domestic and international flights. It even has flights to the Middle East and the Caribbean. In 2014, it has accommodated over 9.7 million passengers. It is almost 100,000 passengers up from its 2013 record. This makes this airport the 7th busiest in the entire UK. It is also 6th in terms of the number of international passengers it has accommodated.

In 2008, plans for runway extension and new air traffic control tower started. In 2011, the construction of these structures started, 2 years after the final plan was approved. In May 2014, the runway extension was completed and was in full use on July 2014. Though it was eventually finished, it was way behind the original deadline. It was supposed to be running for the 2012 Olympics. Nevertheless, upon completion, it has helped relieve traffic at the airport. The new runway is now longer and can accommodate larger aircrafts.

Moving in and out of the airport is also very easy considering the modes of transportation available including trains, buses and taxis. The airport also has exclusive lounges and other facilities for the convenience of the passengers while waiting for their respective flights.

Concorde started its Farewell Tour in Birmingham Airport on October 20, 2003. The tour lasted for 5 days and it traveled 5 key cities in the UK for people to see it for the last time. Concorde was retired in 2003 following the quick drop in passenger rates and high cost of maintenance. Add to that the number of serious incidents it has gone through over the years. Nevertheless, Birmingham Airport was a witness to its historic farewell.