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Car Hire Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen Airport Car Hire

About Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen Airport serves Aberdeen, a suburb in Scotland. Despite being a small airport, it has served over 3.7 million passengers in 2014, which is approximately 8.2% higher than its 2013 record. It is currently owned and operated by the AGS Airports, the same company that has control over Glasgow and Southampton Airports.

This airport also serves as the base for 3 airlines, including BMI Regional, Eastern Airways and Flybe. It also serves as the heliport for the offshore oil industry of Scotland. It only has one passenger terminal, but has 3 additional terminals just for helicopter operations. In 2014, it has carried 500,000 passengers through its helicopter operations.

Given the increase in the number of passengers using the airport, there are plans of extending the runway to accommodate bigger and more modern aircrafts. The said plan would cost around £60million. The airport also has a lot of facilities for passengers’ comfort while waiting for their flights. Getting to the airport is also easy with a lot of options available. You can use trains, buses or taxis. The airport also has special assistance services, offices for left luggage and VIP lounges. Boutiques, restaurants, and shopping destinations also abound the airport.

The Aberdeen Airport served as the airfield during the Second World War. It served as a place for the country’s fighters to protect the people from the German bombing raids. Several monumental WWII events were witnessed by this airport. When plans to extend the airport’s runway began, the horrors of the WWII were unveiled. As of now, 2 ordinances from the said war were unearthed. The taxiway of the airport was also said to be an old bomb dump. These are among the reasons why there is a delay in the construction of the runway extension.